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Agraha Levine • Seattle, United States

How Sri Chinmoy came to meet with Mother Teresa

In 1994, the first time Guru met with Mother Teresa, he was moved in every way. This was not the very first time, but it was the first time that Guru had a longer meeting.

This meeting was October 1st, 1994.  So I wanted to tell you the story of how it happened. Starting in 1994, Guru began asking me to call Mother Teresa and give messages to her—very, very sweet messages. She in turn would give very sweet messages of her love for Guru and gratitude to Guru.

Guru would give a New Year’s Message every year. In 1994 his message said it was the year of destruction. Most of the time the message for the year was very positive, but this particular year Guru said was extremely dangerous, and we had to be very careful. Usually Guru travelled quite a bit outside of the United States. He would go to many countries, but in that year, it was already September, and Guru had not gone to any other country by then.

Guru asked me toward the end of September, “Please, I would like you to go to Rome and arrange for me to meet with Mother Teresa.” I told the nuns that I was coming and I would be so grateful to come to pray with Mother Teresa and then speak with her briefly after the prayer.

The nuns said yes I could come, and they told me what day. I came with an Italian disciple whose name is Subimal. We came together and prayed. You cannot imagine where we came to pray.  Wherever Mother Teresa was, wherever her nuns were, was always a very simple place.  Where we came to pray it was very, very simple. No heat, not even running water. It was a very simple place. They did not have pillows; they just sat on the floor. Mother Teresa also sat on the floor in the very, very back.

They had a beautiful prayer session, and they were singing songs like we sing Guru’s songs. They were singing songs that Mother Teresa had written. The prayer was over and the Sister, a very sweet Sister, said, “Mother Teresa is in the other room and you may come to speak with her.”

You can imagine what I was praying for during the prayer with the Sisters. The whole time I was praying to Guru to please give me the capacity to speak well to Mother and that she would meet with Guru. I did not want to fail, I was so eager to succeed for Guru.

So I went up to Mother Teresa and I bowed to her and got on my knees. She was sitting in a chair—I can see her even now, looking at me with so much love and so much compassion. I said, “Mother, Mother, your dear brother-friend Sri Chinmoy, your dear brother is coming to see you on Sunday. I pray you will be able to give Him a few minutes.  He is coming all the way from New York. He made his reservations, and he is coming to Rome. He would be so grateful to see you and show you his love and to honour you.”

Mother looked at me and said, “Oh my God, I am so sorry, but that day I will be in Albania. I will not be back until the evening, about 5:30 or 6:00. I am flying back that evening and it will be too late. I will be arriving at the airport, but not till the evening, I am so sorry.”

This was such a shock that I literally started to cry. “Mother, Mother, I beg of you, can you see him even for a few minutes when you come back that night?” I was literally crying; I had tears in my eyes.

Mother Teresa looked down at me with so much compassion and love, and she said, “Oh do not cry, do not cry! Okay, okay, I will happily see Sri Chinmoy.”

I was so happy! I said, “Mother, Mother, I am so grateful to you!” She gave me a huge smile and she was very happy.

I remember after the prayer I called Guru immediately on his special line and told him. He was so happy, so happy!

During the meeting, Agraha speaks to Mother Teresa as Sri Chinmoy remains in prayerful silence.

The moment I come
And stand in Mother Teresa's blessingful presence,
I see nothing but waves of smiles
Flowing from her compassion-flooded eyes.

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