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Agraha Levine • Seattle, United States

Guru gives me my spiritual name

Sri Chinmoy blesses Agraha, 1976

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“Agraha means eagerness, divine eagerness, supreme eagerness, eagerness to be a most devoted seeker and to serve the Supreme in Guru.”

How I got my name was an amazing story for me. I was very eager to get it. 

It was early morning and I woke up from a dream. In the dream Guru is telling me that very soon he would give me my name. I was so happy and thrilled.

Then I had another dream where I see the calendar and Guru is showing me what day He will give me my name. Guru is telling me in the dream not only the date that I would receive my name but also what my name was. When I woke up, I was so thrilled! I remembered the date but for the name I only remember that there were a lot of A’s in it.

When that day came I was in New York and it was April. Guru was leaving the meeting place and he came right up to me and said, “I will give you your name very soon—in August.” The day he told me this was the day I saw in the dream. He said, “Good boy, I am very pleased with you and I will give you your name in August.”

There were three of us who got our names. At that time, Guru would give a name by putting his hands on your head and blessing you very powerfully at his house. It was overwhelming.

Eagerness I had to see the Face of God.
Eagerness I have to feel the Heart of God.
Eagerness I shall have to be the Dream-Reality of God.

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