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Agraha Levine • Seattle, United States

An example of Guru's inner guidance

A statue of Sri Chinmoy on the grounds of the Parliament in Dili, Timor-Leste

The purpose of life is to manifest the highest Truth which we embody. First we have to see the Truth and feel the Truth. Then we have to reveal and manifest the Truth.
Sri Chinmoy

Guru says that meditation and manifestation go hand in hand. When I have a manifestation project that is really important, my meditation becomes even more important as well. Anything that Guru has allowed me to work on in manifestation, any really important project, has only succeeded by Guru’s direct intervention and Guru’s grace.

When Guru was in the physical, after my meditation every single morning, almost every morning, Guru would call me on the phone. I had a special phone that Guru gave me. It was just for him, it was his phone. He would call usually at 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning and ask me, “What news?” and then give me advice. Really, I was sharing news with Guru, but he was blessing me and guiding me and doing everything through his Blessings and his spiritual Light.

Also my name means ‘eagerness’, but nobody in the universe had more eagerness to manifest the Supreme than Guru. When we had good news in manifestation, Guru got so happy. If you serve Guru through manifestation based on your inner connection to Guru, you serve outwardly other people. And you have to know that it makes Guru so happy.

One beautiful example, I will give you.  A few years ago, I was so eager, eager to have a statue in East Timor. It is a small island that used to be a part of Indonesia. The people are mostly Roman Catholic and they were terribly mistreated by the Indonesians.
It was 2013. I was inspired because we were going back to Indonesia and I wanted to try for a statue of Guru in East Timor.

I tried to call the former Prime Minister. I called his phone number, but there was no answer. They were saying “wrong number” and I could not get through. I looked on the Internet and found a cell phone number. I dialed it but again could not get through. I tried other numbers but I could never get through. In fact, I could not get through to any number in East Timor. It was getting closer and closer to the time when we were going to have the Christmas Trip and I became more and more intense. I wanted so badly to reach this former Prime Minister.

Just as an example of how meditation and manifestation go together, I was meditating in the morning and I was basically praying to Guru: “Guru, please help me, because I cannot get the number. Please, you must help me.”

I was sitting at my shrine and I could hear Guru tell me, “Good boy, just put a seven.”

I said, “Guru, put a seven? What does that mean? I am happy to put a seven, but where?”
Guru just said again, “Put a seven, put a seven.”

I said, “Yes, Guru, I will do it.” 

I could hear Guru saying to me, “No, no, now, now.”

Agraha (right) holding the peace torch in front of the statue with his friend Husiar

I got up from my shrine, went to my desk and started to call the number. All right, I will just put a seven. I pressed the number seven and the rest of the phone number.

I was overwhelmed because the line started to ring and this man answered the phone with a deep voice: “Hello?” I recognized that it was the voice of the former Prime Minister. It was him!

I told him the story, that we were coming and we would love to have a statue of Sri Chinmoy. He was just so happy and said, “Bring it, bring it. We will find a nice place.”
I came back to my shrine and started to cry out of gratitude to Guru. It is all Guru’s miracles and Guru’s love.

This is a beautiful example of how meditation and manifestation go hand in hand.

During your deep meditation,
If you receive a message from within,
Then spontaneously, sleeplessly
And with utmost humility and devotion,
Try to manifest it into reality.

Sri Chinmoy 1

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