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Kaivalya Torpy • London, United Kingdom

The world's first Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile


In 1986, Guru was asking everybody to organize their races on a one-mile loop. We arranged a mile loop in a park in London called Battersea Park. It was also, I think, the United Nations Year of Peace.

So, Bhavani said, let us call the one-mile loop the Peace Mile. Guru said, “Okay,” and on March the 15th, 1986, he flew to London to open the Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile. This was the first Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile, and here you see Guru standing in front of a tree with the flag. Guru was very proud of those flags.

When Guru went back to New York, he said that that day was the happiest day of his life. So, the Peace Mile is still there, and we still go around, walk around, run around, and so on.

Each time I soulfully pray,
God blesses me with the capacity
To walk in silence with peace
Mile after mile.

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