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Jogyata Dallas • Auckland, New Zealand

“Where there is heart, always there is a way.”


Guru was going through New Zealand on his way to Australia. We all went out to the airport knowing Guru was there, because we could see into the transit lounge. We looked over a high wall and we could see Guru and the disciples. One of the disciples saw us and told Guru that we were all there in the lounge.

Guru walked out through the way that people are meant to walk in. He walked out that way past the customs and the immigration, as though he was completely invisible. We were all completely amazed. Guru gathered us around and he gave out prasad to everybody.  He said to us, “Where there is heart, always there is a way.”

Then he walked straight back in again with no passport and no documents, as though he was completely invisible. It was most extraordinary.

The power of the heart
Is unlimited
In every sense.

Sri Chinmoy 1

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