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Jogyata Dallas • Auckland, New Zealand

Tennis in the dream-world


Some years ago, the father of one of our Auckland disciples died – ‘passed on’ is a better term, for as Guru mentions, the secret of life is that there is no death. The son mailed his father’s photograph to Guru, asking his spiritual Master to bless the father’s soul and help him on his way.

Sri Chinmoy loved to play tennis

Some weeks later, in a vivid dream, our Auckland disciple saw his father playing tennis with Guru, a clear event on another plane of consciousness, so real that he woke in the morning feeling greatly reassured. Guru was surely showing him that he would take care of his absent father (who incidentally loved tennis).

In the morning after the dream, he went out to the letter box to collect his mail. There amongst his letters was the photograph that he had sent to Guru some weeks earlier. The photograph of his father had been returned to him and on it Guru had drawn two little tennis rackets. Guru was showing him that the dream had been a reality. Guru was confirming the dream was real, and that he would take care of the father’s soul.

Dream, always dream.
Do not forget that
God used His Dream
To create the world —
And He still continues.

Sri Chinmoy 1

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