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Bipin Larkin • New York, United States

Such a thrill I got in my heart

Bipin (left) is one of the race directors of the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race. Here he is pictured with 8-time finisher Vasu Duzhiy from Russia.

When I was 17, I heard music by disciples of Guru. The music drew me, and I learned more about them and therefore I learned about Guru. Slowly I became friends with disciples, and then I wrote Guru asking to become a disciple.

It took three months before I got a letter back. The letter was funny, it was very peculiar. It said, “To you I offer my heart’s love, concern, and gratitude. Guru.”


I am kind of embarrassed to say now, but at the time I was living maybe 1000km from New York. I didn’t know disciples near me and I didn’t understand Guru’s letter. I asked to be a disciple and then I got this in the mail. I wrote back a letter and said I don’t understand.

Again, it was three months. It was a long time, and then I got another letter and it said exactly the same thing. There was a picture in with the letter, but the letter said the exact same thing.

But this time Guru had written ‘Guru’ by hand. I felt such a thrill. Then I knew. At that point I knew. Such a thrill I got in my heart. Then I knew.

Bipin (right) at the race with fellow race director Sahishnu Szecziul and filmmaker Sanjay Rawal.
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