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Anugata Bach • New York, United States

A sublime meditation with Sri Chinmoy

In recent years certain rules for new disciples have been established about when you can come to New York for a visit. You have to be disciple for a while so that you can understand what's going on. But we didn’t have these rules when I first joined the path, so the first time I went to New York for our August Celebrations, I didn't understand. I thought I was going to just sit down near Guru and have really high meditations all the time.

What actually happened was that on the day I arrived, they were having Games Day in Connecticut. I showed up to find Guru sitting on a basketball court watching the New York girls versus the San Francisco girls play a rather ferocious game of basketball.

Of course Guru was way ahead of everything and everyone else, and knew exactly what to do with all of us at all times. I was basically okay, but a little confused. Where was the meditation? I went a short distance away to sit on a nearby stone wall and tried to meditate. And suddenly I had this amazing experience.


I was taken away from my physical body and felt like I was floating above myself. It was ecstatic! After a short time, I turned my head to look at Guru. He was maybe two hundred meters away, and as soon as I looked in his direction, he turned around to gaze at me most intensely.

Then the experience ended. However, I knew that Guru was fully aware of what had just happened to me. I vividly remember the experience to this day.

The moment I recognised my Master,
He blessed me with his heart-wings
To soar in Infinity’s Sky.

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