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Pragati Pascale • New York, United States

Sometimes it takes a crisis to make us see

I am inspired to share one story that happened in the last two years, after Sri Chinmoy departed this world, as a way to illustrate that he continues to watch over us all from the higher planes, though we may not always be aware of it.  

One day I was driving back from an appointment on Long Island when I hit some traffic on the Grand Central Parkway and decided to get off and take the back roads through Jamaica Estates.  I was driving at a moderate speed up a slight hill in this residential neighbourhood. 

It was a small two-way street with cars parked on both sides of the street, which in reality left room for only one car to drive at a time – a very common situation in this area of Queens. 

As I approached the top of the hill, I saw that a car was speeding up the other side of the hill, not seeing me – it must have been going at least 40 or 50 miles per hour, with its engine roaring.  I jammed on my brakes, but there was no room for me to pull over, as there were parked cars on either side of the road next to me.  I shouted Supreme (invoking God as Sri Chinmoy urged us to do when in danger) and prayed in that split second before what seemed an inevitable crash and very possibly the end of my life!

I do not know what happened, but then the speeding car was behind me, driving away fast.  I could not explain it, as there was definitely not enough room for him to pass.  Had Sri Chinmoy somehow de-materialised the other car and “lifted” it over my car to avoid a crash?

I glanced out my side window and saw an older woman standing on her front porch, looking puzzled.  I shouted to her, “Did you see that?”  She replied, “Yes, I thought for sure he was going to hit you.”

I was very shaken and drove home slowly, full of gratitude that I had been spared serious injury.  For a couple of days, I was in the sort of euphoria that one gets after a very close call – life seemed so precious all of a sudden.  It was a big lesson for me.  It is so easy for our minds to think that Sri Chinmoy has gone to the higher worlds and left us behind to cope as best we can.  Sometimes it takes a crisis to make us see that he is fully present and concerned at every moment of our lives – even when we are just driving in the car on some ordinary, humdrum day.  When we can realise this, we can only offer our infinite gratitude.  

My Lord tells me
That even if I do not see Him,
Even if I do not feel Him,
I must believe in Him
When He says
That His Compassion-Eye
Is upon me all the time
In loving watchfulness.

Sri Chinmoy

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