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Nayana Hein • New York, United States

Brought to Guru by another spiritual Master

Sri Chinmoy and Pir Vilayat Khan had a very deep friendship lasting almost 30 years

I was at NYU and I began doing Sufi dancing. At one point, the students that were leading the Sufi dancing said, “Our teacher is coming to give a weekend seminar. Would you like to join? His name is Pir Vilayat Khan.”

I felt Pir Vilayat Khan was very sincere, very spiritual, although I did not have an experience with him the way I did with Guru. But at the end of the two-day seminar, Pir Vilayat Khan said, “If any of you want to meet a real spiritual master, Sri Chinmoy is offering his annual New Year's meditation at Hunter College,” and he gave the date and time.

That is how I found Guru again. Some of you may recall that Pir Vilayat Khan and Guru became good friends. You may have seen a picture of Guru and Pir Vilayat Khan meditating on each other at the United Nations. Pir Vilayat Khan was very, very devoted to Guru.


So, I became a disciple. I was still a student at New York University, living in an apartment in the East Village in Manhattan, in Greenwich Village. Well, I didn't become a disciple right away. I went to the meditation at Hunter College. At the end, Guru invited those who were interested in becoming disciples or learning more about his path to come up on stage. I knew by that time I was ready. I went up on stage with others and I was so proud of myself. I just went up and I was meditating.

The New Year’s Meditation was a powerful experience. I began attending the Saturday evening meditations for new seekers, which were then held in disciples’ apartments in Manhattan. At one of these sessions, those who wanted to become disciples were invited to have a short, private interview with Guru.

During my interview, I explained to Guru that, although I felt he was my spiritual teacher, I also felt much respect for Pir Vilayat Khan. With great patience, Guru told me, “You have to know who your spiritual Father is, and who your spiritual Uncle is.” Guru elaborated at length how there are many valid paths to the Goal, but how we must follow only the path meant for us. At the end of his answer, I felt a bit mischievous and, only because I knew that my all-loving Father would allow me, I piped in, “But can I still go Sufi dancing?”

“Fine, fine,” he said, realising that although I said I was 22, I still had the emotional make-up of a 14-year-old.

Once I knew that I could go Sufi dancing, I never had the desire to go, and I explored my new spiritual path with enthusiasm and intensity.

Why do I meditate?
I meditate precisely because
My meditation proudly carries me
To the shore I seek.

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