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Gunthita Corda • Zurich, Switzerland

Prayer works

Mountain-Silence perform Sri Chinmoy's meditative music all over the world.

Many years ago, our music group Mountain-Silence was invited to give a concert tour in Hungary. It was wintertime and it was so extremely cold that it was impossible to put up even one poster, since the glue would turn into ice before the poster could be put on the walls.

The girl who was in charge of the concert in Budapest was helpless. They had a very big concert hall booked for us, but there was only one week to go and no hope for the weather to change—nor did she have enough money to advertise on radio or television. So she started praying to Guru. And from her prayer she got the idea to go to the main train station and at least give out some leaflets to the passengers.

Suddenly a man came up to her with a big video camera and a microphone. He said that he was from the national TV and they wanted to ask some people how this incredible cold weather was affecting them. She then started telling him her problem with postering and that we were coming in only one week. He then said, "So, no problem, just say now all you want to say about the concert into the camera and hundreds of thousands of people will see it and hear it." She couldn't believe her ears and eyes, but she bravely told everything to the TV about the upcoming concert.

Sure enough, the concert hall was completely full. This was quite obvious proof that prayer works, if you pray to the right person.

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