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Sevananda Padilla • San Juan, Puerto Rico

'From now on, my Krishna’s consciousness is inside of you.'


In those days, every time Guru was in Puerto Rico, I went to the Centre every day after work either to sit and talk and just be there, or to cook. 

One day as I went to the Centre—because I was a little bit early—I went to this park, and there was a pond of water lilies. One of the lilies was particularly beautiful. I thought, “I must take this to Guru.”

So I pulled it out of the pond and cleaned it. I went to the Centre with the water lily. As soon as I saw Guru, I gave him the flower. He put it to his nose and smelled it. He said, “Ahh, the water lily, my Lord Krishna’s consciousness.”

Guru went out to the balcony of the Centre and then he called me. He had the flower in his hand and asked me to get close to him. He placed the flower over my head and proceeded to bless me.

He said, “I’m giving you my Lord Krishna’s consciousness. From now on, my Krishna’s consciousness is inside of you.”

Yonder my Lord Krishna’s
Jingling ankle bells
Are thrilling my eyes,
Intoxicating my heartbeat,
Feeding my heart
And energising my life.
My Lord Krishna, my Lord Krishna!

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