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Aruna Pohland • Augsburg, Germany

My Jharna-Kala Surprise

Sri Chinmoy painted over 140,000 mystical paintings that he referred to as 'Jharna-Kala', which means 'fountain-art' in his native Bengali. This painting is the one selected by Aruna that Sri Chinmoy refers to as his favourite.

This was in 1984, I think. I was about 8 or 9 years old.

Guru was at Progress-Promise having a Jharna-Kala painting session. It was those big Jharna-Kalas, not the huge ones, but maybe 2 feet by 3 feet or something, not the little ones but the bigger ones, and quite a few of them.


Normally Guru had Ranjana or Sanatan or a few Jharna-Kala girls assist him by taking the finished Jharna-Kalas from him. But on that day, I assume Ranjana was not there and Sanatan was not there. Guru called me to come up on stage and assist him with his paintings.

Every time Guru was finished with a Jharna-Kala, he signaled me over and gave me the big painting. I was putting them on the carpet on the stage so they could dry.
This went on for quite a while. Guru did quite a few paintings, and I remember whenever he was painting, I stood at the very corner of the stage so I wouldn’t disturb him. I just waited for my next moment when I could go up to Guru and get my next Jharna-Kala.

I remember that while I stood there, I took it very seriously. I knew this was a very big job that Guru had given me. I was very concentrated and I also felt very proud in a good way that Guru allowed me to do this and that he trusted me to do this.


After Guru was finished, the Jharna-Kalas were for sale. My father decided that we would buy one. We didn’t have a lot of money but we bought one. I was allowed to choose my favorite painting to buy. I believe I chose the middle one that was lying on the floor. That Jharna-Kala is now in our living room.

Later on, Guru asked me which Jharna-Kala I had chosen, and I pointed to that painting.

Guru said, “That is also my favourite.”

Just Keep Your Heart's Door Open

Just keep your heart’s door open.
At every moment
You are bound to receive
Something special From your Beloved Supreme.

Sri Chinmoy 1

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