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Nayana Hein • New York, United States

My soul recognises Guru


There was something called the Yoga Centre of St. Louis. It was mainly hatha yoga, but they also were teaching meditation. I said, “This is what I'm looking for. I am looking for this.”

So, when I went back to New York, I decided I was going to search for a meditation group. Lo and behold, very shortly after, there was a meditation class being given on my floor, in my dormitory, by two disciples of Guru.

This was the early 1970s when all the boys had long hair, and these boys had very short hair. They were dressed in white and they basically just put up a photo of Guru. I felt something, but not a lot. I thought they were a little strange with their short hair. But at one point they said, “Our teacher is going to be giving a lecture at the law school. Would you like to come?” So I said, “Oh, sure.”

I should add, by this time I was not very happy. I had been searching and searching and searching, but I had started searching in the wrong ways and for the wrong things.

Sri Chinmoy gives a meditation and talk

So, I went to this lecture. I was seated way at the back and the sound system wasn't working very well. I couldn't really understand what Guru was saying because of the poor sound system. and his accent was much stronger at the time. But when I saw Guru, as soon as I saw him, something in me leapt out. It was my soul. It just rushed to Guru and cried out, “Father, Father, Father!”

When and how
Father, when shall I realise You?
Daughter, you have already realised Me.
Father, when? 
Father, how?
The day you joined My Dream-Boat.
Through your surrender-heart.

Sri Chinmoy 1

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