Stories by Sri Chinmoy's students and friends
Bhadra Kleinman • New York

In the middle of an ocean of love

I was taking a short course in meditation led by two of Sri Chinmoy’s students. I was not looking for a spiritual Teacher; I had no idea what a spiritual Teacher was. I was an atheist, a Ph.D. in Sociology, and a researcher. I was skeptical when I heard about others’ spiritual experiences. I was interested in meditation only because I thought it might help my anxiety.

After a few classes, my teachers invited me to a meditation led by Sri Chinmoy. I was curious, and went to two uneventful sessions, and then came to the third. I was in an ordinary state of mind when I arrived. Sri Chinmoy came onto the stage of the Public School auditorium. He began to meditate, and then, all around his entire body, and stretching out from his body in all directions, I saw, with my human eyes, a beautiful golden light.

Sri Chinmoy often would begin events with silent meditation

I was entranced and entered a state of silent bliss. It seemed like I was in the middle of an ocean of love. I was fortunate that I trusted my own experience of that night. I went on to become a full-time student of the one man I’ve ever met who was the perfect embodiment of goodness.

When my heart glows,
My life-river speedily flows
To God’s Ocean of Love.

Sri Chinmoy 1

I decided that I wanted to become Sri Chinmoy’s student. But at that same time, I had to look for another job, and I thought I couldn’t make a commitment to Sri Chinmoy’s path until my work situation was settled. The job I was leaving was in New York, but I was interviewing for my new job all over the country. I remember being in a hotel in North Carolina, and meditating on Sri Chinmoy’s Transcendental Photograph, and telling Sri Chinmoy that I would do whatever he thought was best.    

Annam Brahma restaurant in Jamaica, Queens

When I returned to New York, one of the teachers of the meditation course that had led me to Sri Chinmoy invited me to have lunch with her at Annam Brahma, a restaurant run by his students. I told her that I really wanted to formally apply to become become Sri Chinmoy’s student, but that I was afraid that I might have to leave New York to find a new job at my level. This woman said, “Don’t be silly! You are very good! I’m sure you can find another job in New York.” After lunch I returned home, and there, on my answering machine, was a message, offering me a very good job in New York!

The outer miracles of a spiritual Master
Can be counted,
But the inner miracles of the Master
Can never be counted.

Sri Chinmoy 2

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