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Satkruti • Seattle, United States

Let go of anger

Once I was staying at a hotel when Guru was visiting the West Coast. I was walking out in the hallway because I was furious with my roommate. Unexpectedly, Guru walked by, looked at me and said to “let go of anger.” Throughout the evening, my temper would start to flare again but I kept remembering Guru’s words and let go of the anger.

On another occasion, I was with the Christmas Trip, visiting Oahu, and went to see the Lyon Arboretum. Way in the back of the park, there was a long, very steep hillside. It was solid clay and wet from the rain. To help walkers, there were steps cut into the clay, all the way to the top.

Once I made it to the high point, I discovered that there was no level landing, only an abruptly steep and slippery descent. With my first step, I started slipping and sliding. Looking down the hill, I saw it was a long, nearly-vertical slope with nothing to break my fall, nothing I could grab onto. I knew in an instant that I was going to be hurt very badly.

But, suddenly, I thought of Guru's aphorism: “When a true disciple asks his Master for protection, the Master says, ‘Behold, immediate rescue!’” The words flew through my mind and suddenly I was standing still, on a very tiny but firm patch of ground. I was safe. Rescued.

My Lord’s Protection-Eye
Has always played the role
Of my life’s protection-armour.

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