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Gabriele Settimi • San Diego, United States

Just go with it and jump!


One funny anecdote I would like to add is that I remember having an experience that was steering me towards something that I never expected or looked for, whatever I had imagined my life to be. It was towards something truly spiritual.

At first I really tried to suppress it and fight it because it was scary.  But the moment I did that I would get so sick in my stomach that I could not function.  And the moment I surrendered to it, I would have waves of joy. 

Then I thought there has to be another way to go about it.  So I would suppress it and fight it again and I would be sick to my stomach. The moment I surrendered to it, again I would feel peace and joy. 

So the choice was very clear. I said okay, “I don’t have a choice here, let’s just go with it and jump.” And I did jump.

One Voice, One Divine Choice

One voice, one voice, one divine voice,
One choice, one choice, one supreme choice,
Have made my life
Divinely soulful,
Supremely fruitful.
One voice, one divine voice,
One choice, one supreme choice.

Sri Chinmoy 1

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