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Jogyata Dallas • Auckland, New Zealand

'It was like I was seeing who Guru really was: this extraordinary, beautiful being inside a physical body'


I was asleep in New York when the phone rang, and I was invited to go up to Guru's house. That was about 1:00 in the morning. I went to his house, and there were about six boys and maybe six girls there in the room.

Sri Chinmoy meditates in his house

Guru didn't say very much, but he asked us to walk around the room as a walking meditation past him and round the back in a circle. We walked around him about seven or eight times very, very slowly.

When I walked past Guru, I began to see this extraordinary being that I had never really seen before. It was like I was seeing who Guru really was, this extraordinary, beautiful being inside a physical body. Guru looked like some very ancient, very majestic and quite incomprehensible spiritual force. I realised that I was really getting a glimpse of man in God or God in man, that there was this very powerful being inside the finite body that was Guru. I realised that Guru would always be beyond my comprehension, that my mind could not fathom how vast Guru really was.

Vaster Than the Sky

Vaster than the sky,
Deeper than the sea,
Purer than the moon,
Man’s God-Oneness-Tree.

Sri Chinmoy 1

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