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Kaivalya Torpy • London, United Kingdom

Guru watches me while I sculpt him


Guru asked me for the first time to make a life-sized statue of himself for Narada, a disciple in San Francisco who is a Grammy and Emmy-award winning producer and musician. When Guru went to San Francisco, I also went and took the completed statue there.

Narada, Kaivalya and Sri Chinmoy at the statue dedication

Guru came to Narada’s house which is called Sacred Rock. He was greeted by a room of Narada’s friends – most all musicians and artists in their own rights. They were all dressed in white clothes. Guru came and he was very happy with such a very beautiful event.

This was the first statue, a full-sized statue of Guru. I think it is the only life-sized statue of himself that Guru saw.

When I was making the statue for Narada's home, I was working in my sons' bedroom. I would work late into the night while the boys slept.

I remember very vividly on one occasion when I was working on Guru's feet, on the dhoti and the feet, I was getting tired. I looked up at the statue face and I saw the eyes moving and looking at me very strongly. All the hairs on my head stood up. I felt so energized! Sometimes Guru obviously came to me and sometimes he was more subtle.

To my greatest joy,
My Lord’s inner Presence
Cradles my entire being.

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