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Mridanga Spencer • Ipswich, United Kingdom

Guru, Shamita is dying!


I got a call on the phone from a disciple, a doctor in Vienna. He was very Austrian, very matter of fact, and he just said to me, “I'm trying to get a message to Guru that Shamita is dying.” Well, that got my attention!  

Shamita participating in the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race - the world's longest road race

He explained that Shamita, a musician who plays the cello and is a very good ultra-runner, had run an ultra-race in Austria and had collapsed.

So, I knew that Guru would want as many details as possible. I remember writing them down. Pratush said that her organs were shutting down, which apparently is very, very serious. The doctors thought it was just a matter of time till she died.

Well, of course, I knew how serious that was, so I remember I ran out of the store, just dropped everything and ran out of the store. I remember jumping on my bicycle and pedaling like crazy to Guru's house.

I thought it strange because normally each morning I would come to Guru's house, I would go upstairs and I would show him the video of his lifting from that morning. But that particular morning, I had not been invited. So it was very normal for me to come to Guru's house. I remember knocking on the side door and being let in. I went upstairs to see Guru. He was resting on the porch, sleeping or semi-dozing, and was being massaged by a disciple.

I knew normally never to disturb Guru when he was like that. We think he is resting, but he said he always would be doing enormous number of things occultly, inwardly, and we should never disturb him when he's like that. Well, it was only a few seconds. I was kneeling there before Guru. Really, it was only a few seconds. and Guru just opened his eyes and totally unperturbed said, “Is there anything?”

Well, I gave the message. I gave the details. and Guru literally closed his eyes for just a few moments. Then he opened them and looked at me and said, “Oh, good, you're here, you can go and get the videos from upstairs and show me my lifting.”

It was so interesting how your mind sort of locks, because I knew Guru had done everything in those few seconds. I mean, you feel it, mentally I knew it, but it was actually too much for me to even comprehend that, oh, Guru now wants to see his lifting? I mean your heart always knows that Guru will deal with it. But it was very interesting because one part of my mind was “Well, Guru has dealt with it,” and the other part is “Well, how is that possible?” It was just so quick and instant, and then Guru is, “Okay. that's dealt with. Now we have to do this.”  

Then, of course, we found out a few hours later that she had made a miraculous recovery very quickly from that moment onwards, against all medical expectation.

Each divine experience
Is a miracle.
Is there anything special in life
That is not a miracle?

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