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Bipin Larkin • New York

The fountain of light


This experience is kind of neat because spiritually if we open our eyes, which many of us are not able to do so much, we realise that there were many inner things going on in Guru’s life. It was not too often that Guru shared the inner level that he was operating on. But this is one example at Aspiration-Ground.

This was 1983 or 1982. We had finished Aspiration-Ground tennis court in 1981, and Guru threw himself completely into playing tennis for hours and hours on end. We would play that first year and a half or two years, probably three to four hours every day.

People would be sitting in the stands, and Guru would have a rotation of six or seven different disciples who would play Guru in tennis. They would rotate in for two games, and then the next player would come out and play Guru. So there was a routine and an organization. Guru would always be out there so you would always see Guru. To see Guru play and run and get such joy gave everybody tremendous happiness and joy.

It was usually summertime when we played. We were out there for one, two, or three hours playing. It got quite repetitive: we were chasing balls and playing tennis. This particular day, all of a sudden Guru stopped and put his arms down at his side and started meditating very abruptly, very unexpected. When we were around Guru, often he would meditate, and the meditations would go into very intense deep silence. The disciples recognised it for the most part when Guru was meditating on something serious inwardly.

I would compare it to Centre meetings, where you would be meditating and there would be a silence. It was very obvious that something else was going on. When Guru stopped like that, you felt that immediately.

He meditated and he was looking at the ground. Then he gazed up and was meditating beyond the trees at the sky. Two or three minutes went by. It was fairly quick. Then Guru just started playing tennis again. After Guru finished playing tennis, one of the disciples asked what was going on. Guru said, “There was a beautiful fountain of colour coming out of the earth. Beautiful colours going up to the sky.”

He pointed to the court exactly where the fountain was and asked us to place a marker that would stay at that spot.

About a year later we had an anniversary and we remembered certain things. The fountain was one, and I asked Guru, “Is the fountain still there?”

Guru said, “Yes, it’s always there.”

Fill the Heart

Empty the mind!
Lo and behold,
Right in front of you
There is a fountain of peace.
Fill the heart!
Lo and behold,
Right in front of you
There is a fountain of bliss.

Sri Chinmoy 1

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