Stories by Sri Chinmoy's students and friends
Dodula • Zurich, Switzerland

Every time I look at the picture, it says: ‘I love you!

Before Dodula became a disciple of Sri Chinmoy, she was Sister Elda, a Catholic nun. When she started meditating according to Sri Chinmoy's teachings, she was working at a school for children with learning and behavior problems, running the therapy station for the most troubled children.

With the meditation practice everything became more meaningful, deeper, vaster. I was able to understand Christ’s message better than before and I could feel the essence. And I got so much strength and joy.

I did not say anything about my meditation practice but these sensitive children immediately felt something in me. They behaved in a different manner – even the most difficult child. Not only children felt the peaceful help. Many friends, the President, the Director, the Principal of the school, teachers and other staff came to me for consolation and advice.

John was only seven years old when he came to the children’s home. When he had to go to a public school, he disturbed the whole class. Finally he was sent for special education to us. His mother, who was about six feet tall, told me it was like hell at home. John treated her worse than a dog. He ordered her about and did not obey her and his father. In the beginning he tried the same behavior with us and he was not able to follow the teacher’s instruction. That was why he needed special therapy and was sent to me.

This is a picture of Sri Chinmoy in 'Christ-consciousness'

He was very curious, too. As a result he discovered my meditation picture of Guru on my desk. Each time when he came for therapy, he would first come slowly around my desk and look at Guru’s face. With a loving expression and a smile he would turn around and go to his seat. During our sessions he behaved like an angel.

One time, John went to the church to pray, accompanied by a different nun. Inside he spotted the picture of Jesus that had been created from the Holy Shroud of Turin. He suddenly exclaimed “No! No! That’s not it! The picture on Sister Elda’s desk is very similar but still different. And every time I look at it, it says: ‘I love you!’ ”

As an individual
Often dresses in different clothes,
Even so, Krishna, the Buddha, the Christ
And many others
Are the same God
Clothed in different garb.

Sri Chinmoy 1


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