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Mridanga Spencer • Ipswich, United Kingdom

Cured by one simple request from Guru


One time in I think it was 1997, we had a Christmas trip in Mexico. On the Christmas trips, I worked very, very hard. I had to get up very early. I had to deal with some things in Guru's hotel room and I did a lot of media work and a lot of getting Guru on television. So, it was an exhausting time and a very busy time. I filmed for Guru to archive, but also, I did a lot of events which we would take to television. We used to get Guru on television a lot in all these countries.

After Guru held a concert one night, I was coming back to the hotel. I was not in a good space. I was very tired, but also mentally I was not in a good space, and you could say spiritually, I wasn't in a good space, since they often go together. I remember waiting in the lobby for Guru. I was some distance away because I knew I wasn't in a good consciousness, and I didn't want to bother Guru. There were a lot of disciples in the hotel lobby. I was tucked right away, almost out of sight.

When Guru came in, Guru just looked at me and waved me over. I thought, “Oh, no, I'm going to get a scolding.” But Guru was very sweet. He just told me, “Go and buy me some drinks.” Whenever Guru asked you to do something, you had to do it straightaway. So, I ran upstairs to where there was a small shop, and I bought a selection of drinks. I gave them to Guru and all my problems were gone.

Years later, I told Guru the story and asked him, “Did you specifically know that I was unhappy, or I was having problems? Did you specifically know what the problem was? Is that why you asked to me to get the drinks?”

Guru said, “I didn't specifically know what the problem was, but I could feel something wasn't right. So I used that outer action to heal you inwardly.”

Offer all your problems to God
As you would offer Him flowers.
He will be more than happy
To accept them,
And to make your problems
His problems.

Sri Chinmoy 1

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