Stories by Sri Chinmoy's students

Stories by Sri Chinmoy's students

You have a multitude of questions,
But there is only one answer:
The road is right in front of you,
And the guide is waiting for you.
—Sri Chinmoy

We, Sri Chinmoy's students, are grateful for the opportunity to share some of our most precious experiences of Sri Chinmoy with you. Like many-faceted gems, these stories reveal the powerful guidance, sweetly intimate moments, and deep inner connection that the students of a true spiritual Master can experience.

Sweet moments with our Guru

Jogyata Dallas • Auckland, New Zealand

A barrage of Candy Bullets

Sometime in the late 1990s I sat in a hotel room in Atitlan, Guatemala, feeling incredibly depressed. Every year around Christmas and the New Year, Guru would travel to different countries for all of us to share and learn from inspiring people all over the world. Several hundred of Sri Chinmoy’s students would stay at the same one or two hotels and we had many functions, plus a lot of time for sports.

Playing soccer earlier that morning, I had felt depressed. Eating breakfast—depressed. A mid-morning nap, avoiding everyone—depressed! In our hotel function room I sat at the back, avoiding Guru’s scrutiny and the banter of friends. Guru had a bag of sweets in his lap and was tossing them out, like a playful father.

Suddenly he stopped, glared at me with a fierce concentration, then began hurling wrapped sweets at me with incredible velocity. I felt a jolt inside and sat bolt upright. The sweets were whizzing by me, a barrage, bouncing off the seating and ricocheting away like hurtling bullets. I couldn’t believe it! Relentless, Guru threw one after another, firing away, a wild fusillade of candies.

Then I caught one and Guru stopped. I held it in my hand and started laughing—Guru started laughing too. Suddenly my depression went away. It was quite extraordinary. He had known how I felt and banished this force from my mind in such a remarkable way. After that I felt happy and grateful to be on the trip and didn’t allow depression back to rule my mind.

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Everyday Miracles on Sri Chinmoy's Path

Pradhan Balter • Chicago, United States

'The Christ is the boss, but he is in heaven'

Many, many years ago I was visiting a restaurant owned by Sri Chinmoy's students in San Francisco along with Sri Chinmoy. When Sri Chinmoy was leaving the restaurant, I was standing next to a young woman. Guru walked past the both of us, suddenly stopped, and seemingly without any outer beckoning came back and faced the young woman with eyes closed. Because I was right there, I could not help but be privy to his words, which went something like this:

"You are having trouble reconciling my life and the life of the Christ. Think of it this way. Think that the Christ is the boss, but he is in heaven. You can think of me as his secretary. My job is to screen people in preparation for meeting the boss!" (Remember, this is my memory...but it's close.)

Then Sri Chinmoy went on. "But I tell you, if you cry in your heart for the Christ...when you find him in your heart, there also you will find me. Or if you cry for me in your heart, when you find me, there also you will find the Christ."

Sri Chinmoy said of this picture: 'The artist has really captured the consciousness of the Christ'.

Now, as regards a personal experience...I was raised in the Jewish faith. I had no connection with the Christ as a child. But as soon as I became Sri Chinmoy's student, it awakened in me a powerful and intimate association with the Christ, for which I am grateful.

One of my dearest friends, Sunil, prayed to the Christ for a master in the physical. When he saw Guru for the first time, he immediately felt that the Christ had made this possible, and that it was an answer to his prayers.

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Dynamic Spirituality

Gunthita Corda • Zurich, Switzerland

Prayer works

Mountain-Silence perform Sri Chinmoy's meditative music all over the world.

Many years ago, our music group Mountain-Silence was invited to give a concert tour in Hungary. It was wintertime and it was so extremely cold that it was impossible to put up even one poster, since the glue would turn into ice before the poster could be put on the walls.

The girl who was in charge of the concert in Budapest was helpless. They had a very big concert hall booked for us, but there was only one week to go and no hope for the weather to change—nor did she have enough money to advertise on radio or television. So she started praying to Guru. And from her prayer she got the idea to go to the main train station and at least give out some leaflets to the passengers.

Suddenly a man came up to her with a big video camera and a microphone. He said that he was from the national TV and they wanted to ask some people how this incredible cold weather was affecting them. She then started telling him her problem with postering and that we were coming in only one week. He then said, "So, no problem, just say now all you want to say about the concert into the camera and hundreds of thousands of people will see it and hear it." She couldn't believe her ears and eyes, but she bravely told everything to the TV about the upcoming concert.

Sure enough, the concert hall was completely full. This was quite obvious proof that prayer works, if you pray to the right person.

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Achieving the Impossible

Pragati Pascale • New York, United States

All I needed was the Supreme, and I would always win

For three years, starting in 1977, some 200 New York area students of Sri Chinmoy trained as a group for the Pepsi 24-Hour Bicycle Marathon in Central Park, as he encouraged us to challenge our limitations and thus discover our deeper capacities.

Starting a month before the race, which was held on Memorial Day Weekend, Sri Chinmoy would lead us on daily training rides in Flushing Meadow Park. The Pepsi Bike Marathon drew thousands of amateur participants, but also a core group of professional riders who competed seriously for the prizes. None of our team members had experience in racing, though a few of us did cycle regularly and take road trips. The first year we entered as a team was a bit of an experiment, though I think we won a prize or two for the size of our team and for our uniforms. But the second year, 1978, we trained more seriously, and I felt that Sri Chinmoy was determined to show us the limits of what was possible.

A week before the race, Sri Chinmoy chose who would be on the two small teams that would compete for the team prizes. I felt honoured that I was the only woman on the first-string team of ten, but I was quite alarmed when Sri Chinmoy solemnly called us up in front of the whole group and told us he envisioned each of us doing 300 miles in 24 hours!

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Inner communication

Vijaya • New York, USA

Why did it take you so long?

Sri Chinmoy

Vijaya, a student of Sri Chinmoy who passed away in 2009, originally came to New York to pursue a career in acting. During that period, an ethereal, mystical figure often appeared to her, offering her guidance and advice in her times of need.

In the summer of 1973, Vijaya attended one of Sri Chinmoy’s public meditations in Manhattan, and was thrilled and amazed when she realised that the guiding figure in her life had been the Guru himself. She loved the deeply contemplative atmosphere, and rushed up to the stage when the audience was invited to meditate with the Master at the end of the evening.

This was the first time time Sri Chinmoy spoke to Vijaya. She asked to become his disciple, and the Master asked, “Why did it take you so long?“

— this story about Vijaya was told by her friend Nilima from New York.

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Constant Growth and Progress

Dodula • Zurich, Switzerland

Every time I look at the picture, it says: ‘I love you!

Before Dodula became a disciple of Sri Chinmoy, she was Sister Elda, a Catholic nun. When she started meditating according to Sri Chinmoy's teachings, she was working at a school for children with learning and behavior problems, running the therapy station for the most troubled children.

With the meditation practice everything became more meaningful, deeper, vaster. I was able to understand Christ’s message better than before and I could feel the essence. And I got so much strength and joy.

I did not say anything about my meditation practice but these sensitive children immediately felt something in me. They behaved in a different manner – even the most difficult child. Not only children felt the peaceful help. Many friends, the President, the Director, the Principal of the school, teachers and other staff came to me for consolation and advice.

John was only seven years old when he came to the children’s home. When he had to go to a public school, he disturbed the whole class. Finally he was sent for special education to us. His mother, who was about six feet tall, told me it was like hell at home. John treated her worse than a dog. He ordered her about and did not obey her and his father. In the beginning he tried the same behavior with us and he was not able to follow the teacher’s instruction. That was why he needed special therapy and was sent to me.

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the life-saving Divine Force

Agraha Levine • Seattle, United States

No more darkness, only light

If it were not for Sri Chinmoy, I would most definitely not be alive today. Many years ago I was in Trinidad and Tobago with Sri Chinmoy and our group on our annual Christmas trip. On New Year’s eve I became extremely ill with a very high fever.  A few days later, when I was waiting at the airport with Sri Chinmoy and our spiritual group to fly home, I was so sick that I could not stand up.   jackfruit was brought to the airport for Sri Chinmoy, which he shared with everyone. Knowing that it is his favourite fruit, I had helped to arrange this long before I got sick, so Sri Chinmoy compassionately said, “Long live Agraha!” Then I knew for sure that I would be okay!

Immediately upon returning to New York, I was hospitalized. I grew sicker and sicker, my lungs began to fill with more and more fluid, and it became very hard to breathe. I remember crying one night because I was so scared and in such pain. By the next night I was totally exhausted. I said to myself, “I just want to give up. I just want to stop.” Immediately and extremely powerfully, I felt Sri Chinmoy say to me inwardly, “No! No! You must not give up! You must fight!”

The next morning Sri Chinmoy came to the hospital in person. No one was allowed into the Intensive Care Unit except the doctors and nurses, but somehow he entered my room.  As soon as I saw him, I sat up and folded my hands in prayer. I started crying and crying like a little baby. I will never forget the love and blessings that he showered on me in purest silence. Then he motioned towards the morning light outside and said, “Dear boy, from now on, no more darkness, no more darkness. Only light, only light.”

As soon as Sri Chinmoy left, I started perspiring profusely. My fever had broken. From that instant on, I began improving. The doctors never found out what caused the infection. They later told me that they basically had no idea how to help me, and they strongly felt I might not live. They saw my recovery as miraculous, and indeed it was!

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Treasured friendships

Agraha Levine • Seattle, United States

Guru's first meeting with Mother Teresa

A joyous moment with Sri Chinmoy, Mother Teresa and the nuns of the Sisters of Charity as Mother Teresa holds the Peace Torch

We were told Mother Teresa was staying at a church in Rome, very close to the Coliseum. It was near a church but it was a convent. It was so simple. There was no running water or heat, and the nuns lived with such simplicity. Guru was so excited and so delighted.

When Guru got there, Kailash was driving, and I got to be in the car with Guru. There were about 50 disciples who were already there waiting. They wanted us all to gather at the back entrance of the convent. It was quite beautiful. There were beautiful trees and a view of Rome.

The nuns said Mother would be coming very soon to see Guru and that she was so excited to meet Guru. I walked around to the front to see how everything was going. There was a Cardinal with a huge black Cadillac. The Cardinal was very upset and was walking back and forth by his Cadillac very impatiently. Probably he had been waiting for quite a while. Mother had just come back to the convent a little bit before we arrived from the airport. I am sure he was thinking he would see her right away. 

What happened was that Mother Teresa did not go to the front to greet him. Instead of seeing the Cardinal who had been waiting for a really long time, she went to the back to greet Guru and all of us. Everyone was very happy.

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