Stories by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre

First steps on the Spiritual Path

Students of Sri Chinmoy from all over the world describe the journey that led them to the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

A New World
by Apaga Renner

abhinabha-tangerman.jpgA Quest for Happiness
by Abhinabha Tangerman
A Flame in my Heart

by Adesh Widmer
antaranga-gressenich.jpgCelestial experiences
by Antaranga Gressenich
kritartha-brada.jpgThe Master we were looking for
by Kritartha Brada


  • Read our compilation of short stories from different students about their first steps in their spiritual quest.
  • Visit our 'First Steps' page, with many more inspiring stories from meditators and spiritual seekers from all over the world. View more inspiring stories »



sri-chinmoy-pavitrata.jpgReminiscences of Sri Chinmoy

  • Moments with Sri Chinmoy: Our teacher had the ability to make even the briefest conversation or interaction full of love and sweetness.
  • A Master's guidance - Students describe Sri Chinmoy's subtle guidance in life, from workplace matters to life-and-death situations.


  • Oneness between all faiths - experiences by Sri Chinmoy's students showing how his path does not conflict with any faith, but embodies the essence towards which all are striving for.
  • With loved ones: Sri Chinmoy's love and concern often extended to their parents and close family as well - here are some touching stories in that regard.

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On his member site, Harkara Urmoneit from Germany relates a moving story about making a musical instrument for Sri Chinmoy. more »

tejvan-pettinger.jpgTejvan Pettinger, one of the UK's leading amateur cyclists has written a book 'My Life with Sri Chinmoy', which he has published on his member site. more »


Meditation functions with Sri Chinmoy

Meditations with Sri Chinmoy were a wonderful mix of silent meditation, music, poetry, prayer, creativity and humour - plus stories and wisdom from the Master himself.

Especially in the years before Sri Chinmoy passed away in 2007, many students took notes of their experiences during meditation functions.

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Stories from long time students

In this video, Pradhan Balter, a student of Sri Chinmoy's since 1970 describes his quest for spirituality, and his relationship with Sri Chinmoy.


  • Databir Watters, also a New York resident, became Sri Chinmoy's student in the 1970's. Databir has been putting on and participating in spiritual plays every week in the New York Centre for many years. Read Databir's stories »
  • Sipra Lloyd from Australia also joined the Centre in the 1970's. She currently heads the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Adelaide. Read Sipra's stories »




Books by Students of Sri Chinmoy


Auspicious Good Fortune
by Sumangali Morhall

An account of Sumangali’s personal journey to happiness which leads her to study meditation with Sri Chinmoy, but also a testament that we each have our own unique route to real satisfaction. Visit book site »

At the Feet of My Master
by Pradhan Balter

A student of Sri Chinmoy for over 30 years, Pradhan describes the challenges and joys of the Guru-disciple relationship, and the ever transcending journey towards spiritual perfection. Visit book site »

Sri Chinmoy's students have written a wide selection of books, ranging personal accounts of following Sri Chinmoy's path, to reflections on spirituality and self-improvement.

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Experiences on Sri Chinmoy's path

  • Life in the Centre - a overview provided by different students of Sri Chinmoy (Broken link)
  • Experiences on the path - some stories about inner guidance, and how the spiritual life can open up unexpected possibilities.
  • In the Battlefield of Life - how different students try to keep their inner poise in a turbulent outer world.



Self Transcendence stories

 Sri Chinmoy encouraged many of his students to do marathons, ultra runs, and endurance races - we are compiling Sri Chinmoy's encouragement and guidance during these events, both inner and outer, as well accounts of profound inner experiences. 

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  • Rathin Boulton describes his experience of running the 3100 Mile Race, the world's longest certified race. more »
  • Dhiraja McBryde from New Zealand gives a day by day account of running a 10 day race. more »
  • Why Run 3100 Miles? - article by Smarana Puntigam from Vienna, another 3100 mile finisher, on his member site



  • The stories featured here have been taken from First Steps on the Sunlit Path, a book series compiled by Pragya Gerig; Compassion-Miracles, an 8-volume series of experiences with Sri Chinmoy written by his students; and selected posts from the Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group, a Yahoo group with inspired comment on Sri Chinmoy and Sri Chinmoy centre activities. View selected posts from the group »
  • The photos in the slideshow were taken by Sarama Minoli, Pulak Viscardi, Projjwal Pohland, Pushkar Mullauer, Sadanand Magee and others.